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Water ski is one of those water sports that are very popular around lakes but rarely along the sea. To some extent this is due to need of flat waters and the simple fact that in a lake it is so much easier to watch.

So it may come as a surprise to find out that Corfu has some serious skiing going on thanks to Gouvia which is almost like a lake within the sea. Sheltered from all sides with a narrow entry this natural marina, almost lagoon, surrounded by beautiful green forests has flat waters all year round and while the occasional strings winds might make it unpleasant to ski you will never see any waves other than some surface wind generated chop.

What you will hear, before you see, is the characteristic sound of Master Craft's V8 engines rumbling, a sure sign of serious water skiing in the waters near by.

But Gouvia is not the only place you can enjoy, or indeed practise high quality water-skiing or wake boarding, the entire east coast is suitable most days of the week, since it is sheltered from the predominantly north westerly summer winds, its only when the winds exceed force 5, typically once every 7-10 days for 1-3 days that you might be put off during the afternoon, but still manage and hour or two if you get up early.

There are water sports centres geared for water skiing all along the east coast some better than others with many having dedicated Master Craft boats just for that.

It is perfectly possible to enjoy recreational skiing on any coast of the island during the many calm days but the north and west coast will often have some degree of swell which will annoy hard core skiers who will crave for the dead flat waters of the east side.

Corfu is one of the few Greek islands where you can combine a normal summer holiday and some serious skiing or wake boarding. 

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Water Ski & Wake Boarding In Corfu
Glassy Waters, Powerful Boats
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