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“No cricketer’s education is complete until - besides Australia - he has visited this island.”
R A Roberts, Cricket Correspondent, Daily Telegraph

Corfu will never cease to surprise the new comer and there cannot be a greater surprise to discover that not only cricket is played in a Greek island but its the home of the Hellenic federation and people from all over the World come to Corfu to play cricket as is offer such a diverse and unusual location for cricket.

Of the 5 cricket grounds on the island the most extraordinary has to be the Spianada square in the heart of town a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a view of the Old Fortress.

On St George’s Day, 23April 1823, a cricket match was held in Corfu between officers of the Royal Navy and those of the British Garrison. The locals, bemused and intrigued by what they saw, asked what game was being played, what the rules were and how it was scored. Thus began a unique and charming union of this most British of games and the Greek island of Corfu.

Corfu has continued to play and promote cricket to the current day and supports eleven local teams, runs an active cricket training programme in local schools, boasts five pitches, welcomes visiting teams from around the world and has most recently hosted the International Cricket Council’s Division 5 Championship. The island team won the tournament and were consequently immediately promoted to the ICC European Division 4.

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Cricket In Corfu
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