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If only cars could be banned this island would be second only to Paradise, but this is not going to happen in the foreseeable future if you are cyclists than this the way to enjoy the island.

Corfu is nothing short of a cyclist wet dream and will cater for all levels bar the most demanding. By nature a hilly island, but with several flat regions you can choose the level of difficulty and type of scenery to suit your taste and ability.

During the past decade cycling and in particular mountain biking has seen a remarkable increase in popularity both among locals and tourists and is now possible to hire very decent bikes and choose to make your own routes or join one of the many organised trips.

With a little common sense and despite the poor state of the roads, riding on the island is safe and motorists tend to treat cyclist with care and respect, at least most of the time, serious cycling accidents are almost unheard of.

As of 2010 the town centre has its own cycling routes and there are several points where you can hire a city bike by the hour, great for shopping or sight seeing.

Back to more serious riding, with so many mountain and beach trails your weapon of choice should be a good mountain bike, street bikes will suffer often suffer from twisted rims since the roads are badly paved and full of potholes. There are a few routes where a street bike would survive but a mountain bike with street tires would still be a better choice.

The best time of the year is late spring and early summer with very mild temperatures and no rain to speak about, summer is also good if you avoid the peak of the day. There are a few days of the summer that may be too hot and humid but for the most part its perfectly ridable with a good supply of water and sun protection.

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Cycling In Corfu
An island full of rides
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