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To state Corfu as a paradise for photography would be a gross understatement, in fact its difficult to know where to start from.

The word photography literally means 'writing with light' from the Greek 'phos' meaning light and 'graphy' which means to write so if light the primary inheritance of photography Corfu has one of the most delicious lights anywhere in the World.

There are very good reason why this is so. First of all its the lack of any air pollution, one of the most significant factors which alter the qualities of light and being so green the absence of dust. These two seemingly small factors account for clear blue sky's and bright crisp colours.

But there is more to the light qualities of Corfu. Humidity can be a friend or foe depending on the subjects you are shooting. High levels of humidity will provide a soft light fantastic for portraits while dry air creates a high contracts crisp light for landscapes and sports. During a weeks stay you are likely to encounter all levels of humidity since the typical weather pattern in the summer calls for a couple of days of strong, cool and exceptionally dry days followed by several days of calm with gradually increasing levels of humidity until the cycle starts all over again.

And then we have the clouds. Throughout the year the sky's are constantly a canvas of could art. You could spend an entire year just photographing clouds or simply use them as stunning backdrops.

As for subjects to photograph its a pointless topic. There is simply too much to talk about, the island is just one huge studio. Where can one start from, the old city with its narrow street and mixture of British, Venitian, Austrian and French architecture, the fortress and historical monuments, the beaches, the mountains, the rustic villages, wildlife, landscapes, culture, art, the list is just too long.

Photography in Corfu is a subject in its self and so its enough to say that you can spend any number of hours, days, months and never run out of subjects to shoot, just make sure you have plenty of memory and backup hard drives.

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