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is simply delightful, warm with moderate humidity but rarely too hot for comfort and all the Sunshine you could ask for. Winds, unlike the Aegean where they blow relentlessly all Summer long follow a very distinct pattern of 10-15 days of very light to moderate winds allowing temperatures to rise, followed by 1-3 days of strong North westerly winds cooling down the island, while the occasional short shower is not unheard of. All in all you could not ask for a better Summer climate to enjoy the Sea without suffering from the heat.


makes its appearance with an abundance of colors, scents and new life sprouting from every tree and twig. It’s very difficult to put words to such beauty which can only be experienced to be fully appreciated. Rain is still common but its duration is considerably shorter, usually a few hours whenever it decides to rain, but with plenty of sunshine in between. The Sea is at its coldest at this time, but not too cold for a brisk swim, indeed there is a good number of swimmers who swim through the year.


begins to settle in early September when the first heavy rains appear, but temperatures remain very pleasant around 25 C with plenty of Sunshine to enjoy the warm seas. It is a particularly pleasant time of the year where one can experience the changing of seasons, the warm autumn colors of nature, but still have a taste of Summer.  If you are starving for sunshine and have only a few days available, be aware that it can be cloudy and wet for several days in a row .Otherwise September and October are simply delicious. The combination of rain and warmth create a most unusual effect. Spring and Autumn appear simultaneously, as leaves turned golden and drop, fresh grass and wildflowers pop out of the ground together with thousands of mushrooms, truly a unique experience.

makes its entry with skies becoming progressively more and more grey and substantially more wet, but temperatures still average around 10C with the Sun making its appearance for a couple of hours at least almost every day. Early morning humidity can be uncomfortable and it is known to rain for several days continuously, so a warm dry place to stay is a must, even if temperatures are mild. But don't confuse Corfu’s winter with Northern European winters where week long drizzles and varying shades of grey alternate between day and night. In Corfu when it rains it pours, the skies are dramatic and winds exceed Force 7 regularly creating a very dynamic atmosphere, one that artists will find particularity inspiring.
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