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Talk about birdwatching in the Greek islands and peoples mind instinctively goes to the non feathered kind along the beaches for which they are indeed famous, but not so for the feathered kind.

Primary reason is the lack of water as most island particularly in the Aegean sea are dry and unfriendly towards birds. But Corfu being one of the greenest island in the Mediterranean sea with a mild climate throughout the year and having numerous lagoons is a small haven for birds where over 100 species have been reported.

If arriving by plane your first encounter of a natural wet land is the airport itself which is built in the Chalikopoulou lagoon, a small ecosystem in its own right. This is a sea water lagoon but has several streams that trickle fresh water almost all year round make is a very diverse habitat for wildlife.

There are two more similar but much larger lagoons the Korission in the south west and Andinoni in the north east but perhaps the greatest magnet for bird life is the great salt flat in Lefkimmi.

But bird life is not restricted to the wet lands. Being so lush and green, fruit baring trees growing everywhere, rodents and small delicacies running about in the wild that birds can be spotted everywhere and anytime.

Obviously spring the busiest time of nature, bird life being no exception so it would be the best time of the year if you come specifically to venture out with binocular and ling lenses, but if you are on holiday and do have an interest in these flying wonders than you will not be disappointed any time of the year.

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Birdwatching In Corfu
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