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There cannot be a better way to absorb the beauty of this island than on foot, anything else it is simply too fast, such is the intensity of nature and surroundings that you have to slow down at least to walking pace before sensations have time to soak in.

Small enough to explore on foot, but large enough to keep you exited for several weeks there are several way to savour the island by foot. The simplest is to choose a location, any location and walk. From the centre of the old town to top of mount Pantokratoras walking in Corfu is just a joy, be it winter to summer.

But if serious hiking is what you are after there is the 'Corfu Trail' 220km trail which takes you from the flats of Kavos to the peak of Pantokratoras. The trail is marked and maintained by a non profit organisation which can provide updated detailed maps for a small fee.

The entire trail takes about 15 days to complete and several tourist offices cab arrange accommodation and reggae transport for either the entire or partial route, alternatively you can choose to it in small sections but be aware that finding accommodation as you go along can be a problem during the busy periods of the summer.

Walking in Corfu can be a pleasure all year round if you know how to choose your trails. During the hot days of summer choose the endless olive forests which are centuries old and have grown to such heights that provide complete shade from the sun making it possible to walk all day. 

Autumn is a very special time of the year, because its one of the few places you can experience autumn and spring simultaneously. As the first southerly winds arrive early September they bring the first heavy rains of the season but temperatures remain a pleasant 20-25c for the next two months or so encouraging fresh grass and wild flowers to blossom while trees are turing yellow, truly a unique sensation.

Autumn is the rainy season but they rarely last more than 3 days with a long dry if a little cloudy periods in between. Winter sees even less rain and temperatures range between 10-15c perfect for long brisk walks.

But if you can walking season is spring when nature is working overtime and while there is still the occasional shower it will not keep you indoors for very long.

One final thing to keep in mind between the months of Nov - April is the lack of accommodation outside the town as most establishments close down for the winter, so plan accordingly.  

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