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The town of Corfu, although geographically relatively flat, has several interesting viewpoints, not only thanks to its fortresses which had to have bird's eye view of the enemy, but also due to its unique coastline, which unlike most shores, is not a long stretch of sand, but a mixture of bays, islets and peninsulas.

There is no better way of getting the feel of a place than a panoramic view, which is why I would strongly recommend you start from the top of the Old Fortress. From there the best way to visit the rest of these places is on a bicycle, which will get you anywhere in town quickly, but without the issues of traffic and parking, or if you have the time, on foot, which will allow you to soak up all the details along the way, but whichever way you choose, do not forget your camera.   
Great Points of View

Old Fortress

Perhaps the most impressive view of the Old City is from the peak of the Old Fortress which gives you a 360 degree bird's eye view of not only the city but the surrounding waters, mountains, mainland Greece and even the mountains of Albania. No secret why the fortress was built here

New Fortress

When the New fortress was built it marked the other end of the city, but today being  somewhere in the middle, gives the visitor an up close view of the old city, the ports, planes landing in the airport and one of the best views of the islet of Vidos. Well worth the walk.

Faliraki Square and Pier

The Square opposite Kapodestrias Mansion is one of the most popular viewpoints in town, being slightly elevated you can see the palace of St. George, St. Nicholas Church, the north side of the Old Fortress, Vidos and Lazareto islets, mount Pandokrator, Spillia and the New Port. Not bad considering its on the main coastal road.

But take the 5min walk down to the small pier and you suddenly have a very different perspective of the very same views as you stand in the middle of the sea, just a meter above the water as ships go past in the background.

D. Solomos Square

This little park is one of the busiest in town for one simple reason, its view. It has the closest and probably most impressive full view of the Old Fortress and the bay of Garitsa. It is also the best point to watch multimillion dollar yachts come and go during the summer months.

Aneomilos Pier

Marking the end of Garitsa bay the pier at Anemomilos has the single most attractive view of the town from sea level. Popular with locals who come for their daily swim a walk to the end of the pier will reward you with a panoramic view of the bay and if lucky the planes taking off in the background.


Follow the map carefully to the little park of Analipsi and you will find yourselves in one of the most aristocratic points of the island. In the heart of Kanoni peninsula this is the only opening in the forest with a 180 degree view of east coast, Mon Repo park and the Old Fortress


Kanoni is one of the most famous spot of the island, no less for its magnificent view of the equally famous Mouse island. But it also has a unique view of the airport and the Chalikopoulou lagoon, one of the islands Natura 2000 regions.

Airplane Landing

There cannot be many places in the world that you can line up with an airport runway and watch the planes take off and land over your head, literally. Camera is a must, earplugs are optional.


Situated on a height directly opposite Kanoni this area is famous for its view of the Mouse island, Kanoni of course and the Chalikopoulou lagoon. You can stop for a coffee in one of the many cafe's and watch the planes take off and land with the city in the background.

Potamos Bay

What is a rather an un-attractive beach is one of the best locations with a full view of mount Pantokratoras from sea level. On a cold clear winter day the snowy caps of the Albanian mountains form a very special background.

Vidos Islet

At just over a kilometer from the old town, a walk around the islet of Vidos with a camera will reveal the Venetian Architecture of the old city including both fortresses,  the beautiful bay of Gouvia and a very close view of mount Pantokratoras from sea level.

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