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An island famous for being the greenest of Greece would not be complete without parks and squares. In fact the entire coastal front starting from Anemomilos in Garitsa bay all the way to the old port is dotted with a string of parks mostly small, except one, the famous Spianada, second largest square in the Balkans. There is yet another fame attributed to this square, its the only place in Greece which hosts international cricket tournaments on a regular basis, a testament of British influences which still hold strong.

More than a historical landmark and tourist attraction, it is used daily by the local population as a huge and very safe playground for children, while parents can keep a watchful eye enjoying a coffee from one of the many cafe's of Liston.

On the other side of the road is Durrels Bosketo, a well maintained garden overlooking the Old Fortress with benches for relaxation, numerous monuments of benefactors and a spectacular view of the canal which separates the fortress from the island.

On the other side of Spianada, or to be more precise the upper part of the square, is the music stand, used regularly for all kinds of performances, a lot of shaded green area to escape the summer heat and even more monuments.

As you can see from the list below, this little town is full of squares, almost all of them dedicated to someone, creating a network of places to enjoy all that is on offer, to visitors and locals alike.

Spianada Square (Esplanade)

One of the largest squares in the Balkans, the area was cleared to provide a better view of the enemy from the fortress which was later planted by the French to create the square we know today. A area which buzzes with life all year round, it hosts the best cafeterias, concerts, public events, cricket games and the climax of the Easter celebrations.

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Enoseos Square (Esplanade)

Divided by V. Dousmai Str. the upper part of Spianada has a more park like feel and attracts many families with children, students who come to study or simply people who want to relax in the cool shade of the trees. It also has a bandstand which get very busy with musical events during the summer nights.

Durrells Bosketto

This little garden with one of the best view of the Old Fortress is dedicated to Lawrence Durrell and his contribution to the island, but also host monuments of Lord Guildford, the poet Lorentz's Mavilis, and politician Ioannis Theotokis

Peoples Garden (Art Cafe)

Within the Palace of St. George this well maintained little garden forms the entrance to the Municipal Gallery, and the Gallery of Art Cafe which hosts local talent. It also has a magnificent view of Faliraki

The Three Martyrs Park

Running parallel to Garitsa bay from Douglas obelisk to Anemomilos this area of green has become popular with local taverns and cafeterias under the thick shade of the trees. Favored mostly by local it is a good place to enjoy a more authentic flavor of the local dishes, yet it may surprise you to see people playing balls on a regular basis.

Town Hall Square

was the town's most important community meeting place during Venetian times where the cream of society would meet. What is now the Bank of Greece, was the first lyrical theatre in the East, the Theatre San Giacomo. Today surrounded by restaurants and cafe's it still attracts large gatherings of both local and tourist.

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Heroes of Cypriot Struggle

Square, or more commonly the Square of the Saints , located in one of the busiest streets of Corfu, by day time a favorite meeting and resting place for shoppers, by night the favorite gathering point of street artists, it is surrounded by three of Corfu's most important churches. The Church of St. Spiridon, the Church of the Blessed Virgin of Strangers, and the Church of St. John the Baptist.

Kremasti Square

San Rocco

A reference point and centre of the modern day town which grew outside the city walls. San Rocco Square, reminiscent of Omonia Square in Athens, is surrounded by modern buildings and from here roads radiate out of town to all parts of the island.

Old Port (Syntagmatos) Square


Solomos Square

Named after the great poet Dionysios Solomos the picturesque between the New Fortress and the British barracks is at the entrance of the Old City, also known as Spillia. Although it pales in comparison to the other squares its location does make it a popular stop to the New Fortress or after a visit to Campelio. 

Mon Repo Park

Within the walls of Mon Repo Palace lies a huge area of lush forest and history. Once the privilege of royalty, it is now free to the public, an area of immense natural beauty and tranquility. Even in the heat of the Summer it remains cool, a great place for walking, jogging, reading and even a swim.

Vidos Islet Nature Park


The Largest Square in the Balkans
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