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Walking through the old city, one of the first things to make an impression to a newcomer are the extremely narrow cobblestone streets, reminiscent of Italy, which is hardly surprising as they were built be the Venetians to last, which they have done for almost a thousand years now, with little if any maintenance.

Like most places in the World there are always a small number of streets which define the key areas of any town, Kerkyra is no different, all be it on a rather small scale. Below you will find the key roads that everyone needs to know, as for the old city, you simply need to wonder from one narrow street to another, each so different, yet so similar, each with its one unique character.

Resembling a labyrinth, its easy to loose orientation especially between the taller buildings, but fear not, you can always ask one of the local residence for directions, or simply walk downhill, you will be out within minutes.

Dimokratias (Coastal Road)

Starting from Garitsa bay up to the New Fortress this narrow road is a landmark of the town, no visitor can or should escape it. If you have the time and inclination it is well worth walking it, or if you must, drive through it. Either way it will give you an excellent perspective of the town and the surrounding waters.

Alexandras Ave.,

There is an air of aristocracy about this short avenue with its neo classical mansions and tree covered pavements. It is also one of the busiest streets which hosts most of the banks, the post office, a good number of shops, cafeterias and restaurants. Drive if you must, but best enjoyed on foot.

Voulgareos Str.

This is high street shopping, or as close as you can get to it in Corfu. Now Corfu is not a shopping destination but you will find a good number of brand name shops and most things you may want or need. Don't even bother taking a car, parking is next to impossible.

Nikiforou Theotoki Str.

Named after the great scientist and Archbishop of Astrakhan and Stavropol, Nikiforos Theotoki. Starting from Spilia  this street will take you through the heart of the Old Town all the way to Liston. One of the busiest shopping streets and the way to St. Spiridon Church

1st Venetian City Entrance

This narrow road is full of history and its many corners are best explored on foot. It is also the best point of entry into the old city from the old port or if you have come from the coastal road.

Lord Guildford Str.

Named to honor one of the most important benefactors of Corfu, the Town hall marks the beginning of this prestigious street which now accommodates architects, interior designers and some of the best places to eat in Corfu.


Enter Figareto, exit Nafsikas and you have gone round the Kanoni peninsula and past the canon's of Kanoni, the famous Mouse island, Vlacherna monastery, Mon Repo Palace and Park, Paleopolis ruins... I think you get the idea.

The Streets from Venice
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