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The beaches from Kavos to Petridi

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If there is one beach on the island that is famous for being infamous is of course Kavos. In all respects a wonderfully long, wide, flat and shallow beach where the waters are always calm has managed to attract the youngest and wildest generations who's idea of having a good time measured by the alcohol levels in the blood and color ( or dis-coloration from sunburns) of the skin.

Of course this is nothing new in highly touristic destinations around the world, most place tend to have one or more much 'hot spots'. In some respects Corfu is fortunate of having just one, isolated beach where the evenings become un-civilized on a regular basis.

But the rest of the region bares no resemblance to Kavos and all its ill happenings, on the contrary its a very, very laid back region, with very little touristic development, remaining quite authentic in character.

There are also a couple of unique features, the most famous are the Lefkimmi salt flats right at the southern tip of the island and the other a canal starting at the beach of Bouka, running all the way up to the village of ??????? Creating a sense of Venice.

The fishing village of Petriti is the primary source of fresh fish in Corfu, so you can be sure of what you are eating at all the nearby fish palces.
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