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Just outside the limits of Corfu town is one of the most diverse and interesting coastlines of the island. At the centre of it is Gouvia lagoon, the largest natural harbor of the island, which is fully protected from all weather conditions. Directly opposite its entrance stand the arches of an old building, a shipyard built by the Venetians 300 years ago and next to it, the largest marina of the Ionian.

There are a few beach around the lagoon but they are somewhat poor, certainly compared to the rest of the island, but what is anything but poor is the sheer beauty and tranquility that surrounds this area. The calm waters are ideal for rowing, kayaking, water ski, or just floating around.

Outside of the lagoon the coastline alternates between jagged volcanic rock and sandy beaches of which two are some of the longest of the island. Dassia (meaning forest) is the largest and most developed surrounded by hotels and all kinds of water sports and Ipsos which runs along the coastal road to the north of the island.

Between these two large beaches there is a magnificent green peninsula, now closed to the public which was one of the most popular 'Club Medditeraneo' during the 60's and 70's

So it should not come as a surprise to find some of the better hotels, villas and offerings of the island in and around this region, and the marina facilitating luxury yachts, all within a short drive to town and easy access to both the north and west coast of the island.
The beaches from Kontokali to Ipsos
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