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There is a length of coastline between the Korission lagoon and beaches of Ay. Gordis,  which are some of the least appreciated spots of the island, for the most part because they are shadowed with what is next to them. These four small beaches, Paramonas, Prassoudi, Kanouli and Alonaki, all charming, quiet little places along pristine nature, are wonderful places for those who seek to escape the busier places.

Of course the highlight of the region are the two large sandy beaches on either side of the largest lagoon of the island, a nature preserve, so there is almost no development on these beaches other than a couple of kiosks offering drinks. You can hire beds and umbrellas but only when its not windy, Chalikounas in particular is the primary spot for wind sports, Issos slightly sheltered is friendlier to people, but is probably the single largest expanse of sand, complete with small dunes and an extremely rare type of cedar forest growing among the sand dunes.

This is quite a unique part of the island, which combines exceptional natural elements, with minimal human intervention. Its fair to say many will pay a visit, but few will stay (especially on windy days). For all those who are searching for something out of the ordinary, this is one of the places to check out.
The beaches from Paramonas to Issos

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