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Once, the most famous fishing village in the whole of Greece with a notorious reputation of wild night life, Benitses is now a quiet family destination with a brand new marina, several well looked after beaches, decent shopping and still one of the best places to enjoy fresh fish.

This entire coastline, all the way down to Boukari is very rocky, mostly covered with seaweed, and the few beaches are mostly made of fine shingle, sand is scarce and not of the finest quality where you will find it. However, it has the cleanest and calmest waters through the Summer since the winds blow offshore and there is plenty to see ( and fish) below the surface.

Most beaches run along the main coastal road, so access is easy and rarely gets over crowded.

The exception to this rule are the two adjacent villages of Moraitika and Messohngi, separated by a small river, which is also responsible or creating a long sandy beach, the primary reason for the numerous hotels and touristic development which stands out along this coastline. 

Further down to Boukari there is a sudden sensation of going back in time, as the road narrows and the green thickens, houses built literally over the sea, numerous rustic fish tavern's with shabby piers extending over the waters and fishing boats moored waiting to go out for the catch of the day.

The beaches from Boukari to Benitses


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