Mon Repo famous for its palace and beautiful its gardens, once the privilege of royalty, is now a public park open to the public and free of charge. Built in the heart of the peninsular within a forest that feels almost tropical and close to a kilometre of coastline it does not have any significant beaches, in fact the only access to the water is through a small pier that extends a few hundred metres into the sea where it is deep enough to swim.

But it does have something very special. The aura of its surroundings and remoteness, despite its proximity to town is quite unique. Surrounded by lush vegetation and a deep forest the only access to this spot is through a narrow path from the palace, a good 20 minute walk from the nearest parking point. These 'obstacles' and the lack of any facilities are enough to deter most people who are spoilt for choice when it comes to comfortable beaches makes this one of those special places where one can really come close to nature in a uniquely tranquil location yet so accessible.

If this place is indeed to you taste go prepared with everything that you may need for your stay since all you will find is nature.

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Getting There
From the entrance of the park to the beach it takes around twenty minutes by foot as cars are not allowed inside the park. Cycling is allowed, but the path from the palace to the beach is too rough for the average cyclist and you dont want to push it up the hill on the way back. Walking on the other hand is very pleasant even in the heat of the summer as it is considerably cooler inside the park.

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Beaches In Corfu

From Kanoni to Alykes Potamou

Mostly sandy
Well sheltered from winds

4 star hotel nearby

Easy access




Fishing by rod

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