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Getting There
From the entrance of the Old Fortress it is less than 10 minute walk. Taxies and boat owners with special passes are allowed to drive all the way down.

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Description : The ancient port of Mandraki now servers as Corfu's Sailing Club marina and host to numerous sailing boats which come during the summer some for a few days others for the entire season. Situated on the North side of the Old Fortress its ambiance is as imposing as it is unique especially when you walk through the old paths of the fortress to get into town.

There is a tiny beach on the side of the marina which can be used for swimming while the club has all the basic facilities a visiting yacht may need. Although greater in capacity than NAOKs pier it is still small so it does fill up quickly during the summer and offer the quietest mooring close to town with a stunning view mount Pantokratoras and the island of Vidos.

Beach Tiny, with small pebbles, marina offers good shelter and facilities but for a limited number of small boats.
Waters (Summer time) Mostly calm. But exposed to strong north westerlies and can become choppy.
Conditions (Summer time) Exposed to strong north westerlies.
Showers Yes
Beds & Umbrellas No
Life Guards No
Suitable for Swimming,
Water Sports No
Boat Hire No
Food & drink Yes, club restaurant
Accomodation No
Night Life In town, 10 min. walk.
Bus Service
Notes There is an entrance fee to the fortress during morning hours, boat owners get a free pass.
Beaches In Corfu - Mandraki
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