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Getting There
Very easy, Just two kilometers from the centre of town

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Description : Right at the entrance of Kanoni peninsular is a small stretch of sand creating a very desirable beach mostly thanks to its location, which is probably why it was taken over by the municipality and developed to offer everything a family would need to spend a day at the beach, with foodm drink and entertainment for kids as it is in the heart of one of the most densely populated areas of town.

It is also one of the very few beaches on the island which an entry fee, all be it a very modest one which goes towards the maintenance of the place and the pier which serves an extension of the beach and access to deep waters as the waters are quite rocky so walking to depth can be uncomfortable.

Despite the presence of several hotels near by this beach is mostly favoured by local families as  kids tend to gather around and play with their typical endless energy and in truthfulness there is not much to interest the visitor who can choose from so many far more interesting locations.
Beach Sandy, but has entrance fee of € 1.5
Waters (Summer time) Very calm
Conditions (Summer time) Always sheltered from winds.
Showers Yes
Beds & Umbrellas Yes
Life Guards No
Suitable for Relaxing, Swiming,
Water Sports None
Boat Hire No
Food & drink Cafe & canteen,
Accomodation Hotels 3-5 star, appartments.
Night Life tavernas & restaurants within walking distance.
Bus Service Yes
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Beaches In Corfu - Mon Repo Beach
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