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The town of Kerkyra is the cultural, business and transportation hub of the island and like all the islands of Greece built around the port, the only connection to the rest of the World before the airport was built.

In comparison to the rest of the island the beaches are not the highlight of the town, but only in comparison with the rest of the island, which has some of the most spectacular beaches in the Mediterranean. The simple fact that there are a good number of decent beaches, some of them quite unique in their own right can easily be overlooked, as there is so much more to see in town, but once you realize that in addition to all it offers there are also beaches you can enjoy, most in walking distance from the centre, than it all takes on a different perspective.

The town of Corfu may not be the first choice for someone to spend a holiday on the beach, but if you do find yourself in town during the summer better come with a towel and swim suit.

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The beaches from Kanoni to Alykes Potamou