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The south end of Corfu is the only part with relatively large areas of flat lands, which also explains the large number of farms and comparatively mild tourist development. There are long strips of sandy beaches, very little in terms of rocks and reefs, shallow, warm waters and a character that encourages one to forget civilization and simply soak up the rays.

If you are looking for a place to lay back and do very little, its not a bad place to start from.

Its also a region that is well suited for long hikes and bike rides, void of any large mountains, just small rolling hills, it adds to its laid back atmosphere.

When you do miss civilization, the nearest small town, or cluster of villages to be exact, is Lefkimmi, since the town of Corfu is a good hours drive.

Lefkimmi also has a port, the only other place with direct ferries to mainland Greece (to the town of Igoumenitsa) if you feel inclined to escape the island for a day or two.

There are all the basic amenities that you may need to spend some time in this part of the island, but don't expect the choice and variety available in the more developed regions.
The beaches from Ay. Georgios to Kanoulas