Kanoni, once the capital and heart of the island is rich in nature, history and culture but has little to offer in terms of its coastline as its shores are steep, rugged and covered with a thick layer of trees and dense vegetation, almost tropical in character. The name Kanoni (canon) is derived from the canons that were protecting the city at the entrance of the lagoon, once the main port of the island, one still standing as a reminder of its turbulent history.

While it may not be the first choice for spending time on a beach its natural beauties and historical attractions lure thousands of visitors every year. There are two beaches in Kanoni the first and most popular is just a few minutes walk from the car park, but you do have to get your feet wet on a high tide. Sheltered from wind and wave this small sandy beach has a small pier which is not used by boats as there is a boat shelter right next door, but gives easy access to the sea if you don't like sand on your feet. The beach is used by guest of the near by hotels as much as locals who live near by so it can get busy during the summer.

The second beach is opposite Pontikonisi (Mouse island) and you have to cross the mouth of the Chalikopoulou lagoon, which is just a few minutes walk over the narrow passage, a favourite spot to watch planes take off and land right over you head. The beach itself is very small and has little to offer in terms of comfort but its unique location and fantastic view of Kanoni does attract a small number of swimmers.

The unmistakable boat shelter seen in so many photos of Pontikonisi, Vlacherna and Kanoni has become of the recognizable landmarks of the island. Its primary use today is for local fishermen and small boat owners, and the primary point from where to take the water taxi to Pontikonisi. It also provide a landing point for the casual sailor, be it for a coffee break or to take on passengers since cars can easily drive up to the water.

An added bonus for early risers is the chance to buy very fresh fish off the boat as the fishermen return with their nets full in the morning.

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Getting There
Being so close to town accessibility is very easy. Walking from the centre of town takes less than an hour, there are buses every 30 minutes, 10 minutes by bicycle, possibly the best way to enjoy getting there and of course you can always drive as parking is never an issue.

Beaches In Corfu
From Kanoni to Alykes Potamou

Mostly sandy
Well sheltered from winds

4 star hotel nearby

Easy access




Fishing by rod