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Kassiopi, at located the north eastern end of the island is one of the larger and more diverse resorts of the island. Unlike most villages which have grown during the last 30 years, Kassiopi has a 2000 year old history and was one of the most significant regions of the island, the remains of its imposing castle standing as evidence in the centre of the village and the port, which today's serves fishing and touring boats was once a vital communications junction.

Very close to Kassiopi is the wide cove and beach of Avlaki, behind which is one of the few Natura 2000 nature reserve region offering a bit of wilderness and the opportunity for quiet walks or, for the more adventurous horse-riding. Although it does get windy being  a reasonable large, but closed bay, it offers good protection from the large waves outside the bay making it a good place to learn sailing or windsurfing.

The waters around Kassiopi offer some of the most impressive diving spots and you will have no trouble finding organized dive centers to help you discover the wondrous underwater world of Corfu, but even if you don’t want the trouble of scuba diving, a mask and snorkel is enough to keep you busy around the rugged coastline.

Heading towards Ay. Sefanos bay, a great place to drop anchor, are several remote beaches, some only accessible by boat and better known for fishing than sun bathing.

The rugged beauty of this region and lack of busy, noisy, beaches attracts a significant number of wealthy people who value tranquility and privacy, which is why the hills are dotted with luxury villas either for rent or privately owned. 
The beaches from Ay. Stefanos to Kassiopi