Introduction : With its roots dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century this is one of the oldest nautical clubs in Greece. Ideally situated at the hearth of town and well protected by its pier it offers good facilities for sailing, rowing, water pollo and swimming. Despite its small size the pier becomes sought after by luxury yachts during the summer months thanks to its privileged location. Although it does not have a sandy beach it still attracts a good number of people who find its location connivent and are more interested in swimming than tanning.

Protected from three side by the bay of Garitsa and further from its small pier the waters here are extremely calm and make for very safe swimming despite the lack of a large sundy beach. Having said that, there is considerable boat traffic during the summer so you do have to be sensible not to swim in the boat lanes and despite the traffic waters stay very clean during the summer since the winds are predominatly offshore.

Although it is a hotspot for boathing, sailing and rowing there are no commercial water sports centres so don't count on being able to rent any equipment here. It is however a good place to drop anchore opposite the club as the waters are well sheltered during the summer and the pier a good place to refuel or stock up supplies from town.

The club has all the typical facilities for its members, mostly youngesters training for various waters sports and will cater for visiting yachts that moore during the summer. The clubs cafeteria is open to the public which becomes a club during the evening hours.

For visiting boats there is limited space to moore at the pier which now offers water and electricity, fuel can be delivered right up to the end point by truck, cleaning, catering and taxi services are all available right up to the boats, so you have to book well in advance for this prime location.

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Getting There
Access is very easy as it is located at the heart of town

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BeachMostly cement, a few patches of pebble beach.
Waters (Summer time)Very calm, mostly clean, but can be a little dirty during prolonged periods of calm weather due to the large number of boats.
Conditions (Summer time)Well sheltered from winds, good anchorage.
Beds & UmbrellasNo
Life GuardsNo
Suitable forSwiming, boating, sailing, rowing, kayaking, rod fishing
Water SportsOnly to club members.
Boat HireLimited
Food & drinkCafe & Canteen
AccomodationHotels, 3-5 star all within walking distance.
Night LifeExtensive, all around town
Bus ServiceYes
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