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There is an abrupt change of scenery once past Kassiopi heading towards Sidari, the rugged volcanic coastline soon changes into gentle hills with long soft sandy flats, one in particular, Apraos, is so flat and shallow you need to walk a good half kilometer before reaching waist high water.

The largest of these, Almyros with Its long sandy beaches has attracted a good deal of tourist development making it a popular destination for those who like to mix laid back holidays with a bit of wild nature, don't image Indiana Jones wild, but enough for a long walk or bike ride with a bit of wildlife.

Despite its laid back nature there is no shortage of place to eat, drink or even party till the early hours of the morning, so its not just suntan and nature walks, there is enough to keep families happy and if you so choose to, hangovers in the morning.

The waters around this region are generally safe, with little or no reefs to worry about, it does get rough when the summer North Westerlies (maistro) winds blow hard. It can also become unpleasant as the wind start to carry that wonderful soft sand across the shoreline. While kite and windsurfers start to head for the beach, the rest can head for the mountains or take a short drive past Kassiopi to the North East coast which is well protected from the wind. Having said that do keep in mind that typically these strong winds appear once every 10-15 days and last 2-3 at the most.

For the most part, its a great place to enjoy your time on the beach be it under an umbrella or trying to decide which water sports to go for.

The beaches from Imerolia to Roda