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Getting There
Easy access on the coastal road of town.

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Description : The old port used to be the lifeline of the island and main trading area until recently when the new port was built. Now it serves smaller ferries and cruise boats such as the water taxi to the island of Vidos.

At the moment the area looks poor since its expansion into a big luxurious marina has come to a standstill due to lack on funds, but it is hoped this work will be completed in the next several years transforming it into one of the most prestigious areas of town.
Waters (Summer time)Fairly clean for a port, not the best to swim
Conditions (Summer time)Can get choppy when windy, but no large waves.
Beds & UmbrellasNo
Life GuardsNo
Suitable forSmall ferries, cruise boats, private yachts.
Water SportsNo
Boat HireNo
Food & drinkYes, in town
AccomodationYes, in town
Night LifeYes, in town
Bus ServiceYes
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