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Getting There
Around 1200 meters from Corfu the only access is by sea. There is a water taxi service every 30 minutes from the old port for just €2 including return, starting early morning until the late hours of nigh.

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Description : This is probably the most beautiful islet of Corfu just over a kilometre away from town it offers a wonderful escape into nature with a graceful view of town. Once an impenetrable military fort it now hosts various local scout camps with birds and bunnies roaming around freely. There is a good cafeteria / tavern which caters for its many visitors and two small beaches, one next to the pier which is also the pick up and drop off point of the water taxi, the other a 15 minute walk along one of its many paths.

The beaches themselves are somewhat poor with little or no sand but the surroundings and location more than compensate, for what is quite a unique experience. Vidos was and still is one of the Corfiots favourite escapes from their daily routine, indeed hoping across just for a cup of coffee can turn a bad day into a delight.
BeachTwo small, mostly pebble.
Waters (Summer time)Very clean.
Conditions (Summer time)Mostly calm, the beach facing north west can become choppy.
Beds & UmbrellasYes
Life GuardsNo
Suitable forSunbathing, Swimming,
Water SportsNo
Boat HireNo
Food & drinkYes, one cafe / restaurant.
Night LifeCafe / restaurant stays open until late night.
Bus ServiceWater taxi every 30 minutes.
Beaches In Corfu - The islet of Vidos