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Getting There
The Palace its self is situated inside the park of Mon Repo a five minute walks from the entrance, entrance to public cars is not allowed. There is a regular bus service from town, its also an easy walk, less than an hour from the centre.

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Mon Repos Palace is situated on top of Analipsis hill in the area of Kanoni. The remains of the ancient town of Corfu, which have been found opposite to the palace, make archaeologists believe that Mon Repos was built right on the site where the ancient city of Corfu used to be. The palace is surrounded by magnificent park. It was built in 1826 by the British Commissioner Frederic Adams as a gift to his Corfiot wife, Nina Palatianou. It is a small but very beautiful palace with colonial architectural elements.

Later on, the palace became the summer residence of all British governors of Corfu and when the Ionian Islands were united to Greece, in 1864, it was given as a gift to King George I of Greece. This is also the house where Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elisabeth II, was born in 1921.

During the Italian occupation of Corfu, in the Second World War, this palace became the residence of Parini, the Italian governor of the Ionian Islands.

For a very long time the palace, to be precise its ownership, was causing a lot of debates between the Greek government and the former Greek royal family. Nowadays this house is used by the Municipality of Corfu as a museum where a tourist can see many Ionian treasures. The park is also a big attraction and is visited by hundreds of tourists every year offering a delightful walk in the cool shade of arcades created by old giant trees.

History In Corfu - Mon Repo Palace