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Getting There
Located at the heart of Kassiopi its a five minute walk from the sea front, look for the sign opposite the church on the main road to the harbour.

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Corfu was and still is the first port of call when sailing from Italy to Greece which made it of great strategic importance during ancient times when ships ruled the World. The town is thought to have been founded during the reign of Pyrrhus of Epirus, King of Epirus  in the 3rd Century BC, and being the nearest natural port when coming from Italy it became a supply post during his war with Rome. After the Roman conquest of the island in 230 BC, many Emperors visited, most prominently Emperor Nero, who came to a Temple to Zeus here. The castle was subsequently fortified further by the Venetians, and survived sieges from the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century.

Since then the castle has been partially renovated  with the help of EU grants and stand testament of importance the island once held not only during the Byzantine period but all the way to the two World Wars. and . Although still mostly in ruins, a walk around the remaining walls soon makes it evident why the castle was built here in the first place and why it was so successful in defending its occupants.
History In Corfu - Kassiopi Byzantine Castle