They began life as books, now they reside on cloud's which we cannot even see, whatever form they take, travel guide have become an integral part of every journey and there is no question as to their value. If you need to get from A to B a guide is what you need. But if you want to discover B, guides have the inherent disadvantage of telling you what you should see, do, eat, etc., etc. They are a bit like classical music, every note is written masterfully and reproduced religiously. Nothing wrong with classical music, but what if you are in the mood for a little Jazz or even Rock and Roll ?

What if you just want to discover a new place, get to know it in more ways than one and create you own journeys, your own adventures, your own discoveries, the way, you and only you, know how. That is how the idea of creating a Visual Portrait of a destination came about, getting to know a destination through images and just enough information to choose between an all inclusive guided tour, wonder around with just a credit card and smartphone, or anything else your heart and imagination desires.

If what you need is indeed a guide, there is an abundance of excellent guides in every form and hope, but if all you want to do is get to know the island of Kerkyra (Corfu) then you are at the right place to embark on a visual journey like no other
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Mention the Greek islands to almost anyone on this planet and images of blue waters, white houses and long sandy beaches immediately pop into mind. Rightly so, with so many of the most popular islands fitting this description, Corfu stands out as perhaps the only Greek island, which is like no other.

There are no white houses with blue shutter, no goats roaming around windswept barren lands. As far the eye can see its a canvas of blue, green and occasional grey, solid granite is the only place there is no negotiation on this island. Enter the old city and you wonder if you docked in Venice by any chance, its only the abundance of gyro and souvlaki which reassures that you are still in Greece.

Kerkyra (Corfu) has been and still is the first port of call coming from Europe, just 60 nautical miles from Italy, this simple geographical fact explains the strong influences the island has, primarily from the Venetians, but also the British, Austrians, French, even the Russians. Looking at barren hills of mainland Greece and Albania just a few miles away, its difficult to explain why this island is and has been, so green. This abundance of life has attracted kings and pirates alike, inspired writers, painters and composers, accumulating a heritage disproportionate to both its size and population.

Forget everything you may know of the Greek islands and embark on a journey of discoveries which will surprise and delight.
The Old City
Kanoni Peninsula
West Coast Beaches
The North East Coast
Sailing the Ionian
Corfu is only the 7th largest of the Greek islands, but despite its modest size of 600 km2 is one of the most diverse and interesting of all Greek islands. The entire old city is declared a UNESCO World heritage site, numerous palaces, museums, fortresses, archeological site, over 120 beaches, a couple hundred villages, nearly a thousand churches, a significant mountain range with valleys, rivers, waterfalls and of course forests, three lagoons, numerous caves above and below the sea, more than 3 million olive trees, the majority older than 500 years old creating forest canopies over 30 meters tall, the fauna and flora is already World famous thanks to the Durrell family, inland canals, golf courses, horse riding centres, international Cricket tournaments … Yes, this island is indeed like no other.
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