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The Resorts In Corfu - Paleokastritsa
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Arguably the most spectacular coastline in Corfu, worthy of James Bond s "For your eyes only",  no visit to the island is complete without a day in Paleokastritsa. A complex of bays, sandy beaches, jagged rocks dropping into deep blue waters topped with lush green forests sets the backdrop to what has become a favorite tourist destination, especially for people who like to take it easy.

There is a varied choice of accommodation from simple rooms to five star hotels, a good choice of places to eat and relax and thankfully very few, if any noisy clubs, which helps in preserving the peaceful nature of the surroundings.

For the young and very energetic Paleokastritsa will probably appeal for a day or so, but for people who cherish nature in its abundance and are in love with the sea, particularly if you like spending time below the water, you may run out of time before you run out of energy.

There are no less than 7 beaches to choose from, more if you have a boat, each with its own unique character that will suit different tastes, all of which are relaxing, some with breathtaking views other remote and accessible only by boat, which reflects the overall character of the area. The area is not suitable for a lot of water sports, but it is one of the best spots for scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking and even if you are not feeling too active a boat ride around the bays and caves is an absolute mast.

With a decent sized port and several points of safe anchorage Paleokastritsa is without a doubt one of the best places to drop your anchor and leave it there for as long as you can. Sailing the west coast of the island is highly rewarding but can be challenging at times.

Paleokastritsa is well suited for people who enjoy doing little but appreciate immense natural beauty and tranquility on a different level, if it were at all possible to eliminate cars, buses and scooters I would not hesitate to call the place spiritually divine. No wonder they chose this place for a monastery before cars were invented.

A visit to the monastery of Theotokos at the top of Paleokastritsa is  a mast, even if you are not into visiting churches a short footpath taking you to the top of the hill will reward you with one of the best views of the area.

The drive to the village of Lagones and on to the ancient castle to Angelocastro is well worth the effort through the narrow, twisty road surrounded by a forest of olive trees hundreds of years old. At the peak of the road you can stop for a coffee and a panoramic view of Paleokastritsa, which on a clear day stretches all the way to the islands of Paxous.
Getting There
There are two main roads from the town which lead to Paleokastritsa, the primary being Paleokastritsa Ave and the secondary the road to Pelekas. Either route is less than 25km of easy driving andbeing such a popular destination there is both bus and taxi service from all major points.

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