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Getting There
From Lefkimmi follow the signs to Kavos, hard to miss, it is at the end of the road.

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The Resorts In Corfu - Kavos
Nearby Beaches
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Eating Out
Night Life
There is no denying that Kavos is better known for its wild nightlife and beach parties long into the early hours of the morning than its long white sandy beaches. This area was and to a large extend still is taken over by the young and lively from the UK renowned for their drinking and party skills, so don’t expect to find much in terms of local character or traditional places, you will however find a great variety of English breakfasts, fast food places and all kinds of bars, pubs and night clubs, some of them right on the beach.

The beach is absolutely huge, both in terms of length, but also width, so finding a place to put down your towel is never an issue, neither is renting a boat, going up in a parasail or finding any other form of water sport entertainment. With so many young people visiting the beach every year it is well catered for in terms of food, drink and facilities, plenty of accommodation to choose from and transportation to and from town.

You would be forgiven thinking that Kavos is a place only for the young and wild until you realize it is very close to Lefkimmis salt flats, now a nature reserve surrounded by many quiet beaches and traditional villages and it only takes a few minutes of driving to escape from the madness to find yourselves in the tranquillity of mother nature.

This does make Kavos and interesting, if rather confusion choice, but since you can find accommodation outside in the much quieter surrounding areas, the choice pleasures is up to everyone’s taste.
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