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The Resorts In Corfu - Dassia / Ipsos
Nearby Beaches
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Eating Out
Night Life

Dassia (meaning forests) and Ipsos (meaning heights) are two adjacent villages which have become some of the liveliest resorts on the island. Their names are indeed indicative of their locations, Dassia being buried deep in a forest and Ipsos at the foothills of Mount Pantokratoras. Both locations have one long wide beach, around which the resorts have developed, each with their own distinct character.

Ipsos runs parallel to the main coastal road with your typical tourist shops on one side and the beach on the other. The road and pavements have been recently renovated and make a welcome change to the rest of the island giving the area a sense of tidiness. This mix of beach, road, shops has made it very popular with the younger generation who like to do several things at the same time and it does get both busy and noisy.

On the other hand the wide soft beach in Dassia, surrounded by forest is almost secluded and supported with a five star hotel appeals to families and people who enjoy a laid back time on the beach. Accommodation is abundant not just along these beaches but also in hills just above, offering very quiet, considerably cooler and sometimes more affordable accommodation just a few kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of the main road and beaches.

Obviously there is no shortage of night life or places to eat, but daytime you have to make do with fun and games in the water and that’s fine because it is a great beach for family water sports. It’s not a place for any extreme sports but it is a great place for water skiing, parasailing, and learning to sail or windsurf. Diving is not exiting here, but you are very close to some of the best diving spots, so it’s just a matter of choosing one of the dive centres to go out for the day.

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Getting There
Access is very easy, take Paleokastritsa Ave out of town and turn right at the traffic lights to Kontokali - Dassia, follow the main road. There are regular buses to and from the region.

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