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The Full Map of Resorts
Feel like doing a bit of exploring, go ahead and surf the Google map below with every single beach identified, click on its link for full details. Enjoy
Kontogali - GouviaDassia - IpsosBarbatiKalamiKassiopiAcharaviSidariAgios Stefanos - ArillasPaleokastritsaGlyfada - KontogialosAgios GordiosAgios Georgios (South)KavosPetridiMessonghi - MoraitikaBenitsesErmones
The Beach Resorts In Corfu
Sometimes not having a choice can be a blessing but Corfu is blessed with so much choice that deciding will not always be an easy task. However, if you do take the time and discover what is on offer it might surprise you how much variation is on offer and that Corfu is not just an island with nice beaches, it is in fact much more.