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Without a doubt the most spectacular coastline of the island and good enough for 007s "For Your Eyes Only" Paleokastritsa, with its dramatic bays, sheer rock faces, lush forests reaching the whitewater, underwater caves and up-tempo lifestyle style is also one of the hottest tourist destinations.

But it may surprise a lot of sailors that this is not a popular destination for yachts, particulary power boats, not because it's not desirable, far from it, but for the simple reason that it is exposed to the north westerly's and while there is a small marina and plenty of shelter, getting there can be tricky, or worst, having arrived, be stuck for several days if the maistro decides to put on a show of strength. It can blow for up to four days nonstop, with winds easing to a force 4 but staying above 6 and sometimes reaching a 9 for most of the time.

So yes, it is important to get you forecast right if you want to make this well worth trip, but depending on your vessel and skill level make sure you have done your homework well and do keep keen eye on your charts for shallow reefs and islets. Unlike the forgiving and friendly east coast the west side can switch from glassy waters to 5 meter swells in less than 24 hours. This is not meant to scare you, there are far more difficult water to navigate in Europe and with a few precautions it's not all that difficult, it's just that some sailors who spend time on the east coast may not appreciate the difference in conditions and can get caught unprepared.

But having arrived, you might just wish for a strong maistro on your last day, the perfect excuse to spend another day or two, because forcing yourselves to leaving will be far more difficult than preparing to come. The place simply takes your breath away. I will not even try to describe it in words, it's hard enough to do it with photos, it is simply one of those places you have to see and experience, by boat of possible, or any other means if not.

It's quite a cosmopolitan place so it is perfectly possible to spend several days and have enough to do, particularly if diving is on the agenda, Paleokastritsa has some of the best dive spot of the island, but even if not, there is adequate entertainment and some really great beaches to lay back and do nothing.

In between the strong spells of wind when you typically have 5-10 days of calm weather sailing North to Arillas and on to the Diapontian Islands can be a real thrill, while heading South will introduce you to some of the best beaches of Corfu like Glyfada and Agios Gordios.

If you are a confident sailor and exercise a little common sense this can be one memorable journey.

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