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Looking up from the beach of Ipsos you cannot help but notice the imposing mountain of Pantokratoras which may only be 800 meters tall but creates one of the most amazing coastlines not just in Corfu, but anywhere in the Greek islands.

Driving along the narrow road which twists its way through the mountain it's hard to appreciate what lies below, as it is a fair distance from the waterline and there are just a few points along the road which have some kind of view, it's not until you get in a boat that you can start to absorb the beauty of this place.

Most of the coastline is the actual foothill of the mountain which drops steeply into the sea creating some amazing bays, which, during the summer months are totally sheltered by the prevailing winds no matter how hard they blow. Hidden in these lovely bays you will find tiny villages which have now become popular, but not noisy, destinations for those who love nature, tranquility and good food.

For boat lovers who are really into relaxation, good wining and dining without breaking the bank, it really is a paradise as you can cruise a little, lay back and enjoy the offerings, then cruise a little more and start all over again. Should you really like this part of the island and want to stay a little closer Agios Stefanos at the northern point has a small marina that can accommodate small vessels, or the port of Kassiopi a little further can handle larger craft where you can also restock if needed.

But the real joy of this region is the easy and speed with which you can change location, something you cannot do by car, probably why it never really gets crowded. Now add to this the fact you never have to worry about the weather, at least during the summer months and soon you realize this is one great playground, if you have a boat.

By car it is a somewhat tiresome drive to negotiate the long narrow twisty roads, overtaking  not being an option means you will be travelling at the top speed of the slowest truck, so it can easily take an hour or so to get to any one of these beaches and should you decide to try the next one it's another 20 minutes up and down the winding roads.

ut should you miss the busy nightlife of town and fancy a change of mood its just 7 miles of flat water between you and the town, just enough time to go below and freshen up before anchoring in Garitsa bay and hitting the town.
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