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Looking down at Gouvia from Google maps it's easy to see why this naturally enclosed bay has been a harbor for centuries. Protected from wind and waves from all sides, having just a narrow entrance makes it a perfect place to drop anchor and worry about the choice of wine, nothing else.

But there is much more to the bay of Gouvia which attracts some of the most exclusive yachts in the World year after year. Surrounded by green, gentle rolling hills dotted with villas and five star hotels, it is  one of the most luxurious part of the island able to satisfy the needs of the rich and famous yet still affordable to the enthusiasts on a budget.

The 17th century Venetian shipyards who's arches still stand to date, have been transformed into a large marina able to host mega yachts and offer all the services a boat, large or small may require. Gouvia is also the first stop for those travelling between the Ionian and Adriatic sea where they can find shelter, supplies and some well deserved rest before continuing their journey.

Entering the bay by boat you are surrounded by a stunning visual panorama of lush green trees and reflections in the tranquilly waters of the bay making it obvious why so many boats gather here year after year. But despite natures generosity one thing serious lacking in this bay were beaches. As the area became more and more popular, not just with boats, but tourists who simply were attracted to the charm of this bay a man made beach was constructed in 1981 and now forms the focus of many visitors who choose Gouvia as their holiday destination

But Gouvia is really a destination best enjoyed on board a boat, be it a small sailing boat or a 50meter yacht it really doesn't matter since the magic is in the location, not the vessel. Yet another appeal of Gouvia are the numerous close by destinations that you can go to for the day and return back for the evening with easy. The town with all its historical attractions and numerous small islands to visit is literally just around the corner and north of Gouvia are all the famous bays starting from Barbati all the way up to Kassiopi which are sheltered by any strong summer winds, making them the perfect destinations for a day's cruise, great fish at the tavern's by the pier and back in the evening to party the nights away.

So if swimming in blue waters, enjoying  delicious meals by the water, sunbathing in five star luxury and parting  till sunrise while your boat enjoy the comforts of calm safe waters are even remotely appealing to you, then Gouvia is definitely on your charts.
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