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A highly under rated sport, kayaking is often ignored as a serious pastime especially when on holidays as many people think of as physically demanding and boring.

Truth be said it can be, but it doesn't have to be, it all comes down to knowing when, where and how. If it sounds complicated don't worry because its not, its actually very simple.

The primary reason kayaking is not popular at beaches is that very few water sport centres have proper open sea kayaks, what you often see in these places is just floating couch made of heavy duty glass fibre and requires an Olympic athletes stamina to go past the swimming area.

A proper sea kayak will glide through the water with no more effort that you need to walk, negotiate waves with ease, has dry compartments to carry food and water for the day and is very difficult to capsize.

Board one of these crafts and you soon realize what sort of distances you can cover in a day. All those little islets and remote bays suddenly become desirable destinations. Kayaks can easily go through rocky waters and land on any kind beach, something boats cannot do, so the appeal of investigating secret bays and caves becomes even greater.

There is one more hidden bonus known to very few people, kayaking is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of weight around the waist. This may come as a surprise until you discover that when paddling the back should not touch the back rest and all the power from the arms and shoulders has to go through the stomach muscles.

Which brings me to the last point, training. There are a few techniques and tips you need to learn before you get into a proper kayak that can be mastered in just a few hours with the help of an instructor. Knowing these things will allow you to paddle for hours without getting exhausted, negotiate coastal conditions and stay safe.

If you do take the time and effort to organize yourselves properly, Corfu is one huge paddle ground that will excite beginners and thrill the experienced.

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