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Despite having just one gold club it will probably surprise most people to find out the Corfu was rates as the 19th greatest championship course in Continental Europe by the encyclopedia of Golf.

Situated in tranquil flats of the Ropa valley the course was designed by the famous Swiss based architect, Donald Harradine who blended the natural beauties of the valley with man made hazards to make the course challenging yet enjoyable.

Good infrastructure without the weather and surroundings can do so much. The weather in Ropa valley is particularly pleasant during the summer with temperatures considerably lower than other areas thanks to the breeze generated by the valley and ample shade provided by the tall trees surrounding the area.

It also a very peaceful area as there are no industrial activities other than farming and far away from any major roads or noisy establishments the areas has almost a zen like quality, a natural compliment to golfing.

Numerous companies offer golfing packages and will take care of all the arragements if you can't be bothered with organisational details.

Being such an acclaimed golf course there are numerous championships taking place throughout the year its worth keeping an eye for the annual event calendar.

Golfing In Corfu